Monday, August 20, 2012

a new chapter

It's funny isn't it? 

There comes a point in our life as we go along, where we realize it's time to close one chapter and open another.  I hit that point this weekend.  It wasn't one experience that led me to realize that it is time for some real changes to my own outlook, but several.  And while I could go on record saying I had a literal epiphany about my own needs and behaviors, I won't.  It is time for that exposure to my own deep self-reflection to remain private.  Hence the creation of this new blog - my old blog captured the fallout after my divorce, good bad and ugly and I got into the habit of more complaining than blogging - so I want a new start.

I've been blogging for a long time - almost 6 years.  My sister was the one who started me on it.  The chance to put my ideas and thoughts into the universe while simultaneously journaling was something I couldn't ignore.  It has been healing and sustaining and a momentous learning experience.  This weekend something clicked inside of me and I realized I don't want to carry around all that anymore.  It is over.

So who am I?  I am a divorced, flip-flop wearing, Latter-Day Saint woman (aka Mormon) who is on the edge of a new life.  I'm a mom to three young adult children who are braving their way into the world, a student in the midst of my Masters degree, quality assurance analyst trying to find my way through life while rediscovering spiritual and personal beliefs.   I dream of moving near a beach, sharing time with that special someone and traveling....

Welcome to my new chapter.

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