Wednesday, August 22, 2012

gratiwednesday 8.22.12

Okay so normally I'd say gratituesday, but I'm late and it's wednesday - I know original title.

I am finding myself being stressed out this week and I need this reminder of all the good stuff I have in my life.  Silly things like I am blessed to have electricity and running water aren't quite as silly when I wasn't sure if I'd have them.  I really am grateful for my home, even tho I want a change of scenery.  I love our landlord for being so thoughtful and patient while we are enduring things.  I'm grateful for teenage daughters who don't mind cooking when I have to work late (and of course I'm grateful for having groceries), and for my job, and for the chance to finish my Masters.

Perhaps the thing I am most grateful for today is the refuge that we have here in our home.  I'm not sure why, maybe it's just stress and long hours - but this week I have truly felt grateful for the spirit that is here surrounding us.  Okay, my comfy bed and jammies might have something to do with it but it's more than just the physical things - There is a sense of security here with my girls that I don't have anywhere else.  :)

Oh and because it's also boy wonder's birthday - I suppose I should own up to how grateful I am for him.  I know I raised him for the last 20 years, but the truth is - he has taught me more, hands down, than I have given to him.  Even at his tender age, he continues to give me great food for thought and an example of being true to yourself.  I love you man.

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