Monday, September 17, 2012

Defining Me

Okay so there have been a bunch of days of letting myself feel sad or melancholy or whatever - and I'm over it.  Funny how cyclical that process is!  A few years back when I was initially diagnosed with diabetes I worked really hard and lost 50 pounds - and as of last night - I've gained every single one of them back.  I'm not sure why exactly I made the choice to step on the scale, it's something not particularly enjoyable for me - but in a moment of clarity it hit me....  I've let all the little stuff define me.

I don't want it.

So it's time to reign things back in, get back up on that horse and work this out.  So today I spent my lunch hour at the store picking up SB foods on the "approved" list, and I'm feeling gung ho to let better things define me - like my ability to conquer this!  I could sit here and talk about all the reasons it's easy for me to stay heavy, easy for me to give up on combating the cycle of obesity in my family - but I don't want to waste my own time -

especially when I could use my superpowers of fooding and exercise in better ways!  So I'm on it - I'm done letting all the little stuff, all the petty, boohoo, cry me junk - done letting it define how I live my life.  Watch out world!

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