Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Okay - so I didn't end up teaching TOFT this month.  I won't make up any excuses since I was as sick as a dog.  Why do I let stress get to me??

There has been so much going on lately!  I'm determined to not let it dent my spirit.  Weigh in this week proved hard work pays off - I'm down 5 pounds for a new weigh in of 297.2.  I had quite a few moments that I had really wavered and almost gave in to fast food, carbs, and delicious sweet things - I even had to bake cinnamon rolls for work, and I actually passed by them without a single lick!  My current fave when wanting something cold and sweet is frozen grapes.  Not in the South Beach mentality I know - they are adamant about not having fruit in the first phase, but I feel like since I've given up sodas, carbs, sweets, and fast foods... I have to give myself something! :) Besides, 50 calories for 20 grapes hits all kinds of good spots!  I'm also loving the weight watchers smoked cheese sticks.  I've had to cut them back to no more than 3 days a week - I've had so much indigestion eating dairy that I've cut most of it out.

I got new inspiration this week to keep going -
1.  Work challenged us to a tracking your steps challenge for the month of October.  I was one of the first 100 and won a nifty new little pedometer.  I'm doing both the individual and team entries and I don't want to let my team down!
2.  With conference coming up in a little over a week I've been facing some choices about where I want to go with my life.  I'm sure I'll post about it a little more in depth this next month, but it's time for me to start working on myself from the inside out.
3.  I feel better!  Feeling better makes me want to improve myself - isn't that always the way?  I've got asked out on a few dates by strangers, which is ironic since I made the choice to take some time off from dating!  LOL I did go out on one with a guy named Nick, and while it was nice - I doubt there will be a date number 2.

I've been contemplating a BIG commitment for myself for the month of October.  Here's what I've been considering....

31 day Bloggy Challenge

31 day Clean It Out, Finish it Up Challenge

I know it's a lot - but I've been needing to reground myself and get back to blogging better, so maybe this will do it.  Lots of fodder to talk about, and a glimpse into me. :)

OOOhh and before I forget - I finished my Project Management Class with (drumroll please) an "A".  Not a perfect A, but an A all the same.  I found out this week that I may be eligible for some reimbursement for school through work, and that I'm up for an award for getting my degree!  (A little late, but hey - $$ is $$.)  Even if it's just a certificate - it's nice to know they notice.  I'm feeling better about work these days and trying to go the extra mile.

Now if I can just align the universe with the rest of my thinking, we'll be set!

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