Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Day 23 - Gratituesday 10.23.12

Way back when....my therapist challenged me with the idea that amid the chaos and craziness that ensues during the course of ending things it is so important to recognize the GOOD, the IMPROVED, the BLESSINGS that exist in our lives, no matter how small, or how insignificant it may seem.  Recognizing that we do have good things in our lives allows us to refocus and gain perspective.

I did it!
I conquered FEAR!!!!

Probably not nearly as exciting for you as it was for me.

Today I am grateful for the ability to conquer fear and let faith prevail.

the truth is - there are multiple things going on in my life right now that this applies to - but I just have to ring out the good from this week.  Monday morning brought news from a colleague that I admire and respect was resigning from our firm to go work for another company.  I was a bit devastated because he is one of those people who just brings a good vibe all the time.  I came home from work and realized I am sick and tired of making excuses to stay where I am.  I am not happy here. Here is a generic term - I am not happy living here, working here, etc. (whew saying that is liberating)  it is not financially a good fit (they so don't pay me what I'm worth), and when I sit down and am honest with myself, I have been unhappy with working conditions for a while - in fact (according to my daughters), I have said I hate working in my job 100x more often than I ever did at my last job.  So Monday I worked up the gumption to apply to two jobs both in my same field.  And by today - I've scheduled interviews with both. :)

This job is good - please don't get me wrong.  It was definitely the right fit at the right time but I have outgrown where I am.  I am scared to death - but putting all of my faith in that if my Heavenly Father thinks that it is a good fit, things will work out like they are supposed to. 

I am grateful for promptings, feelings of peace, and conquering fear.

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