Monday, October 8, 2012

Day 8

Weigh in day - and I've lost a pound.  I know I should be running around happy, but I had hoped for a better loss than this.  *pout*

With everything going the way it did over the weekend - I feel distant from myself today.  I am very aware of life around me, work has been busy, my new class started, I went out again with D - strange how that feeling exists sometimes. 

I've decided to change doctors (I know, completely random right?)  I've gone with the doctor I have because at the time he worked, my insurance company said they'd pay but now I've gotten to a point I feel like I should have better repoire with him and I don't.  I have no clue how to look for a doctor other than to ask people around me.  Is there such a thing as a doctor "interview" to decide if I like them?  I'm thinking I'll get a female doctor - I suppose getting the approved list from insurance first would be the way to go.... surely someone has a post on this somewhere?

It's also time to call the OB and be serious about long term decisions regarding my bits - I'd like to get a hysterectomy, but we'll see if that's an option. 

Feeling better has it's let downs - lol - I feel all inspired to make changes ACK!

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