Wednesday, November 7, 2012

and the winner is....


And here you will read my single entry regarding the election and politics.

If nothing else in the last few years I have learned the lesson most humbling - that we are not in charge of all the things on the planet.  That just because our prayers don't seem to have been answered, doesn't mean they haven't been.  and that being said - Faith in our Heavenly Father means faith that he has a broader vision than we do and that somehow the lessons that will come from Obama's reelection must have a purpose. 

My cousin Christian posted on FB -
"I'd like to remind my rightist friends that Obama is not a failure president, that he has done exactly what we expected him to do and he will continue to. He is not the anti-Christ, he is not an evil man, he is not a bad leader. His agenda doesn't align well with mine, but he is my elected president and I sustain him as such. I will continue to live as I believe and teach as I believe, which includes standing united as a republic, whomever is elected to preside."
And to that I say Amen.

Faith in Heavenly Father, means faith in his timing, his methods, his vision over our own.
May He continue to bless all of us in the upcoming weeks and months and years.

Keep the faith.

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