Saturday, December 29, 2012

Best Christmas Present Ever

This Christmas season I've just taken in things as they've come.  I didn't stress over tons of presents, didn't stress over making every single party or commitment people invited me to, I just tried to let things develop and happen naturally.  It was good.  Christmas day was a bit of a letdown since my sister's family (and subsequently every other family) ended up with a stomach bug and so we didn't have our traditional family Christmas dinner, and really I think Boy Wonder and his plus one were the most let down as I didn't do anything that night as well (was sick myself).

This year I gave the gift of a trip to Universal Studios to the kiddos that could come (Boy Wonder had to work) and it's been crazy good.  I am sore in places I didn't realize I could get sore, I have laughed, and waited, and people watched and just let things happen easy.  And even in the midst of this trip - as I sit here writing this, it is raining and still I am not deterred for this second day of our trip - I am looking forward to another great day, more laughter and lots of pictures and then some fun plans for New Years with the girls and maybe a New Year's day dinner.

I am happy.

Pictures to come.

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